Rolex Daytona exhibition elegant debut Beijing SKP

December 2, Switzerland's top replica watches brand Rolex held in Beijing SKP Oyster-style constant-motion cosmic meter rolex replica exhibition opening activities. At the opening ceremony, Mr. Rohan, General Manager of replica watches uk (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Ms. Huang Zijing, Director of Beijing SKP Self-Marketing Department, and Mr. Li Yundi, the internationally renowned pianist, attended the ribbon-cutting event. The Rolex Daytona exhibition will be held from December 2nd to 11th at the SKP level in Beijing. The exhibition is designed to celebrate the design inspiration for this classic watch: the love of speed and racing. (Note: left Rolex (Beijing) Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Bohan, Rolex spokesperson, the internationally renowned pianist Mr. Li Yundi, Beijing SKP self-employed merchandise director Ms. Huang Zijing together for the opening ceremony of the ribbon) The exhibition features a series of interactive exhibitions, tracing the origins and evolution of the universe. The universe meter Dieton watch to the United States, Florida, the speed of the capital named for the world car master and watch fans love. Visitors will also enjoy the 2016 new universe meter Dieton 904L steel watch. This watch is equipped with black ceramic Cerachrom outer ring, combined with superior technology and superb performance, and this section of the watch inherited the unique aesthetics, so Rolex different. (Note: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Cosmic Metibile watch exhibition in Beijing SKP floor atrium display) Daytona - the world speed capital Everything began at the beginning of the twentieth century in Florida, Daytona Beach. This piece of vast hard sand area, terrain straight flat, stretching more than 35 km (22 miles), as the speed of conquest and racing the rise of the legendary paradise. Between 1903 and 1935, 14 world land speed records were born there. Daytona beach natural track is different, attracting cars from Europe and the United States around the pioneers of this, driving the most powerful car at the time a showdown. (Note: 2016 new Oyster-style constant-motion universe meter Daytona 904L steel watch) Racing watch Daytona International Circuit opened in 1959, is one of the world's first super track. The track is 4 km long and the curve is tilted by 31 degrees. Experienced racing drivers are considered one of the world's hard drive. 1963 birth of the Rolex chronograph watch cosmic meter Dieton is named after its name. This chronograph watch is extremely innovative, because the timing plate and tachometer contrast strong, so easy to identify the function. The appearance of a sporty atmosphere is due to the careful consideration of the function, intended to meet the needs of the wearer, so that this watch will be the best time on the track speed tool. (Illustration: Rolex spokesperson Tom Criston Tom Kristensen wearing a diton watch) Continuation of legend By the mid-1960s, cosmic tacitron became the Daytona 24 hour endurance prizes. Every year in January, the driver flocked to this game, many of which the world's leading endurance racing drivers believe that Rolex Daytona watch is still the highest honor. The universe is also the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race timepieces, but also Rolex spokesman Tom? Chris Fujimori (Tom Kristensen) wearing the watch. Chris Fujimori is the only driver to win the Le Mans 24 Hours. In 2013, Rolex became the main partner of the Formula One racing car, highlighting the common pursuit of performance, innovation, precision and excellence, and once again strengthened the connection with the car. After the advent of the universe, Dittenau was developed for more than 50 years. Rolex has never changed his approach: Efforts to design and manufacture the ideal chronograph, in order to meet the brand to strive for perfection. In addition, the legend is often beyond their founder, continue to continue.